Of all the rock bands out there, this is definitely one of them...


Hello and welcome to the OTR web site. Those of you who've read this front page before will recall that I wasn't on Broadband. Well, provided the god of telecommunications smiles benevolently down upon me, I will be soon. This of course means that I am now completely and favourably disposed towards the splendours of the superhighway and you luddites still dialling up can go and boil your bottoms...you've got to move with the times, I always say. If this same deity frowns at my feeble efforts to go large, then I will, naturally, revert to my previous reactionary stance and soundly deride all this modern nonsense.

OK, now we get to the good stuff (-ish). There are biogs of the band members which have pictures attached if you really are that desperate. We've got pictures of us in action, if that's the right word. At our age, an ability to stand up unsupported for an hour at a time is deemed as pretty hot action, and we make it all look so effortless. There's a gig list that we will add to as often as the gigs come up. If you get wind of any good venues and we get a gig as a result of your good offices, then there's a free CD in it (if you've already got the CD, then you can take an option on our upcoming second CD or flog the duplicate...your call).

This site will be undergoing constant maintenance, so it will always be a voyage of discovery...discovering that not much has happened since your last visit.

If you wish to join our email list or there are any suggestions that you feel compelled to share, then contact us by email.