"If you don't stop stalking me, I'll call the police..." quipped Jimmy Page when asked what he thought of OTR. Er...Nice one, Jim


This is the news page. The highs and lows, the agonies and the ecstasies of a hard working rock and roll band. We'll try to bring you the sights, the sounds...the smells of one of the UK's giggingest bands.

09 January 2013
Happy New year from the boys. Yes, it's the same piece from last year, and all I've done is change 2012 to 2013. Let's face it, no one reads it. If you read this, come up to us at a gig and say the magic words, "I've read your News and you owe me a pint", We might actually by you one!

We are a 3, occasionally 4, piece band doing rock covers and anything else that takes our fancy. We can occasionally be brilliant, often pretty good and sometimes eye-wateringly average, but it's you, dear reader, that makes us what we are. This is not a way of saying when we're crap, it's your fault, but merely to illustrate the symbiosis that exists between us. There's a type of ant that uses grass as a compost that allows the cultivation of a specific kind of fungus that is unique; only growing as a result of the ants' efforts. So the ants benefit by having food the fungus provides and the fungus benefits by existing and reproducing (fungi, generally, have very low expectations). (Not sure where we're going with this and it's up to the individual to decide who's the ant and who's the fungus. Ed)

More than half a million minutes have elapsed since I wrote the previous update and there's not a huge amount that's changed. We've done a lot of gigs, enjoyed the support of our wonderfully loyal fans. If anybody actually reads this, would they mind emailing me and telling me? It gets awfully lonely here in my cramped little eyrie and I'm starting to feel a little unappreciated. Altogether now...

If you've got any news you feel would be of interest to others, please email us.